In this alternate timeline that greatly diverges from our own, an Egyptian engineer has developed a powered exoskeletonal armor suit for the Egyptian army.



Amaanullah Darwish is born on this date (Point-of-divergence). He's a child progeny that will become "the father of exoskeleton armory" for the world.


Amaanullah Darwish begins drawing concepts for a exoskeletonal-like body armor after a few years of reading the works of Nicholas Yagn, a Russian on this date. Also, it is soon realize that he'd has a intelligence quotient of 196.


Amaanullah Darwish willingly accepts to enroll in the British army during the First World War as a private in the 18th Infantry Brigade. During the Battle of Mons, he sees his first conflict in the battlefield, which then fuels his already obsession to develop an exoskeletonal body armor.

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