Egyptian Empire

Capital: Cairo: Pop: 5 million

Large Cities: Alexandria: Pop: 3 million

Damascus: Pop: 2 million

Mosul:Pop: 1.5 million

Tripoli:Pop: 2 million

Population: 70 Million

Languages: Arabic, Turkish
Government: Monarchy
Motto: "Hail Egypt"
Coat of arms of the Egyptian Kingdom

Coat of Arms

Flag of Muhammad Ali


Founder: Muhammad Ali Pasha

Current Sultan: Osman Pasha


Muhammad Ali Pasha broke Egypt away from the Ottoman Empire in 1811. He wished to reform Egypt, and make it powerful wealthy. He slaughtered all the Mamluks in order to put himself in power. Ali began to modernize Egypt. He started this by hiring Western Commanders to train his men, and Ali began supplying his soldiers with modern rifles and cannon. He built a shipyard in Alexandria that started building massive warships. By 1830, 3,000 muskets were being produced a month, and ten 100 gun warships had been made.

Muhammad also started a monopoly on trade in Egypt. He founded a very successful Textile Industry, and a very large Cotton Industry. He built several Universities and Mosque's, making Egypt the richest and most powerful region in all of the Middle East.

Military Campaigns

In 1828, Muhammad Ali gathered an army of 45,000 men and set off to Libya. He captured several key ports, and defeated Ottoman armies with ease. At the Siege of Tripoli, he used his warships to bombard vital posistions, and used his infantry to charge through the breach, and capture the city in after a three day siege. He then went on to make Tripoli his main city of manafacturing.

After his campaigns in North Africa, Ali turned to Arabia, seeking to capture Aden and the other areas, such as the Holy Cities of Medina and Mecca. He was able to capture a large portion of Arabia within five months.

For six years Ali managed his empire without any more major offensives. But in 1834 Muhammad Ali saw an opening to invade the Levant. The Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II was tied up in a bloody war against Russia, and had left few troops in the Levant. Ali Pasha invaded, and won two descisive battles against the Ottomans, The Battle of the Scorpions, and Siege of Anitoch. By the end of 1836 the Egyptian Empire had extended its borders all the way to the edge of Anatolia.

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