Flag Egypt (VegWorld)
Official language Coptic
Capital New Memphis
Largest Cities New Memphis: 4,649,000 (add to list)
Alexandria: 2,969,000
Population 21,884,000
HDI 0.796
Nation formed
Currency Egyptian Pound (EGP)
Our Timeline Equivalent Egypt

Egypt has one of the longest known histories of any nation. It is a major tourist destination, and its economy has been growing rapidly over the past decade.



56% Non-Vegetarian
44% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

78% Egyptian
06% Arab
04% Amazigh (Berber)
03% Sub-Saharan African
02% European (Greek, Byzantian, French, British, etc)
06% mixed race
01% others


85% Coptic
07% Arabic
02% Siwi Berber
06% others


79% Christian
71% Coptic
11% Non-religious
07% atheist
04% agnostic
06% Muslim
04% others

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