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Khedivate of Egypt
الخديوية المصرية (Arabic)
میصیر حیضیوییهتی(Turkish)
Timeline: The Union of Central America Continues

OTL equivalent: Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel
Flag of Egypt (1882-1922) Coat of Arms of the Sultan of Egypt
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Salam Affandina"
(and largest city)
Other cities Alexandria, Beirut, Damascus, Jerusalem, Gaza, Khartoum
Language Arabic, Turkish
Religion Islam
Ethnic Group Egyptian
Demonym Egyptian
Government Absolute Monarchy
Khedive Sa'id Pasha
  Royal house: Muhammad Ali
Population 6,400,000 (as of 1850) 
Independence from Ottoman Empire
  declared May 14, 1833
Currency Ottoman Kuruş (1833-1844)

Egyptian Kuruş (1844- )

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