This is a profile page for the country of Egypt and its successor states as a part of Principia Moderni (Map Game). It will be updated once every 10 years.

Flag of Muhammad Ali

Flag of Egypt

Coat of Arms of the Sultan of Egypt

Coat Of Arms

Basic Information

  • Official Name: Sultanate Of Egypt
  • Conventional Name: Egypt
  • Official Local Name: سلطنة مصر
  • Citizen Adjective: Egyptian
  • Adjective Plural: Egyptians
  • Abbreviation: EGY
  • Government Type: Absolute Monarchy
  • National Capital: Cairo
  • Sultan:Mehmet I
  • Royal House:Abdalwadid
  • Population: 4,900,000
  • Location: parts of OTL Egypt and Sudan
  • Currency: Piastre

Past Rulers

  • Theodore Corvin (1727-1738)
  • Mehmet I Abdalwadid (1740-1768)
  • Muhammad I Abdalwadid (1768-1804)
  • Muhammad II Abdalwadid (1804-1869)
  • Abbas I (1869-1881)
  • Abbas II (1881-1910)
  • Hussein I (1910-1928)
  • Tawfik I (1928-1951)
  • Hussein II (1951-1960)
  • Muhammad III (1960-1974)
  • Fuad (1974-1990)
  • Abbas III (1990-2011)
  • Tawfik II (2011-)

Urban Areas

  • Largest City:Alexandria
  • Other Cities:Damietta, Gizeh, Luxor, Mansoura

Administrative Divisions


  • Imports: PENDING
  • Exports: PENDING


  • Languages: Greek, Arabic
  • Religion: Eastern Orthodox, Islamism, Judaism
  • Alphabet: Arabic, Greek

Foreign Relations



  • Second Mamluk War (1730-1738)


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