Egyptian Republic
Coptic flag.svg
CapitalAlexandria (Rakote)
Largest city Aleppo
Official languages Coptic
Recognised regional languages Greek, Nubian

Egypt is country in Libya, bordering the Bedawi state and Red Sea to the east, Nubia and Chad to the south and Africa to the west.


Egypt is home to some 87 562 000 people, mostly in the Nile valley, but also in the Cyrenaica region.

Major ethnic minorities are Greeks (around one million mostly in the Pentapolis and Lower Egypt), Nubians in the south and Tebu people in southwest.

The predominant religion is Coptic Christianity (90%), followed by Greek Christianity (8%), Kemethism and Islam. The official language is Coptic, other languages include Ptolemaic Greek and Nubian.

Administrative division

The country is divided into the following  Satrapies:

  • Lower Egypt
  • Upper Egypt
  • Cyrene
  • Western Desert
  • Red Sea

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