Italian Kingdom of Egypt
Regno italiano d'Egitto
المملكة الإيطالية بمصر
Timeline: French Brazil

OTL equivalent: Libya and most of Nile River nations
ItalianEgyptFlag ItalianEgyptCoA
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Egypt

Tradizione e Modernità or التقليد والحداثة (Italian and Arab)
("Tradition and Modernity")

Anthem "Survivor of Times"
Capital Alexandria
Largest city Cairo
Italian and Arab
  others French, English, Hebraic
  others Roman Catholic, Judaism
Demonym Egyptian
Government Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy
  legislature Alexandria Parliament (Senate, Chambers of Deputies)
Queen of Egypt, Sultan of East Africa Mary I
  Royal house: Savoy
Prime Minister Mohamed Morsi
Independence from Kingdom of Italy
  declared August 6, 1948
  recognized August 6, 1948
Organizations United Nations
Egypt is a nation in East Africa, being the most important nation in Africa, behind of West Africa.

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