26th Dynasty of Egypt
664 BC - 512 BC 3by2white.svg

Flag of Kemet.png
Flag of Egypt

Capital Sais (664-515 BC)
Thebes (515-512 BC)
Languages Egyptian language
Religion Egyptian Mythology
Government Monarchy
 •  664-610 BC Psamtik I (first)
 • 526-512 BC Psamtik III (last)
Historical Era Era One
 •  Established 664 BC
 •  Disestablished 512 BC
Currency Barter

Egypt,officially the 26th Dynasty of Egypt,was a nation in Africa.


Until the Persians,the 26th Dynasty was the same as OTL.

Fall to Persia

In 520 BC,Darius I of Persia invaded and conquered Northern Egypt but died in the process.His son,Xerxes I,finished conquering Southern Egypt in 512 BC with the fall of Thebes.


Egypt was an absolute monarchy.

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