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Kingdom of Egypt
Regno de' Egipto
Al-Mamlakah al-Misriyyah
المملكة المصرية

Timeline: Central World

OTL equivalent: Egypt
Flag of Egypt (1922–1958) Coats of arms of the Kingdom of Egypt and Sudan
Flag of Egypt Coat of Arms of Egypt
Map of Egypt
Anthem "Salam Affandina"
Capital Cairo
Largest city Cairo
Other cities Aswan, Alexandria, Luxor, Sharm-Al-Sheik, Suez
Arabic, Italian
  others Coptic
  others Coptic Christianity, Catholic Christianism
Ethnic Groups
  others Coptic, Italian
Demonym Egyptian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
King Fuad II
  His Royal Highness: House of Muhammed Ali
President Mohamed Hosni Sayyid Mubarak
Area 1,010,000 
Population 79,089,650 
Established 1989
Independence from Italian Social Republic
Currency Egyptian Lira
Time Zone UTC +2
  summer UTC +3
Calling Code +20
Internet TLD .eg
Organizations Organization of Nations

The Kingdom of Egypt (Italian: Regno de' Egipto, Egyptian Arabic:لمملكة المصرية, romanizes into Al-Mamlakah al-Misriyyah) is a nation on North Africa. It is the greater partner in the dynastic union between Egypt and Romania, and has been led by Fuad II since the independence of Egypt and Sudan in 1989, under the House of Mohammed Ali.


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World War I

World War II

The Cold War

After the Cold War


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Administrative Divisions

Influenced by Italian revivalist ideas, Egypt re-named its provinces, earlier named "governorates"; into nomes. This are:

  • Alexandria
  • Aswan
  • Asyut
  • Beheira
  • Beni Suef
  • Cairo
  • Dakahlia
  • Damietta
  • Faiyum
  • Gharbia
  • Giza
  • Helwan
  • Ismailia
  • Kafr el-Sheik
  • Luxor
  • Matruh
  • Minya
  • Monufia
  • New Valley
  • North Sinai
  • Port Said
  • Qalyubia
  • Qena
  • Red Sea
  • Sharqia
  • Sohag
  • South Sinai
  • Suez




Ancient Egyptian revivalism


Ethnic Groups


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