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Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence was a controversial figure who died in his youth before reaching his full potential. Son of Edward, Prince of Wales (Edward VII) he led a risque life of artists and colonial ventures during which he endeared himself to the dominions of the British Empire. Despite his scandalous reputation he had begun to be embraced by the British public after his bethrothal to Princess Mary of Teck. The government prior to his death were to appoint him Viceroy of Ireland, a hugely symbolic appointment as the Prince held strong home rule views believing that Ireland could be a dominion akin to Canada and Australia.

'Prince Eddy' died from influenza and pneumonia before his father even became King and is largely forgotten by modern populations. This timeline which will be set in 1912, two years after the death of Edward VII will explore a world where the liberal empathetic King reigned rather than a disciplinary stamp collector. H.H. Asquith, Prime Minister during the beginning of what was George V's reign was one of the longest serving liberal prime ministers bringing in great social change, these two forces interlinking may bring forward a unique relationship between crown and people. Albert Victor died in 1892 and the time period between this date and the TL date 1912 will be explained through pages.

The name of the timeline is homage to the now discredited accusation that Prince Eddy was in fact Jack the Ripper, this is however impossible as the Prince was not in London at the time of the murders.The House of Windsor, the re-branding of the monarchy into the, 'family image', the wholesome straight-laced ideal all stemmed from George V. How would a longer Edwardian era affect the structure of the Empire when such a liberal King ruled?

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