Edward VI of England and Ireland
Timeline: Tudor Line

King of England and Ireland
17 July 1576 - 11 April 1602

Predecessor: Arthur I
Successor: Robert I

King of America
11 May 1578 - 11 April 1602

Successor: Robert I

Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall (de facto)
29 February 1573 - 17 July 1576

Predecessor: Arthur I
Successor: Robert I
Born: 18 September 1545
Greenwich Palace, London
Died: 11 April 1602
Greenwich Palace, London
Queen: Anne of Scotland
 Edward VI of England was the second son of Henry IX and Maria of Portugal. He was born in 1545 and originally considered to never ascend to the throne and thus was raised by his mother. His career as a diplomat was interrupted when his brother Arthur I was suddenly removed in 1576, he was previously the heir, as his brother only had a daughter, but he was still considered young, now however Arthur was dead and the Irish began to be really angry with the Irish monarchy. Using his diplomatic skills he removed the stain of envy and greed on the Tudor Rose. He and his brother-in-law James VI decided their colonial borders on the Hudson River and Edward claimed the title Kingdom of America, which he tried to support by making Henry FitzAlan, 19th Earl of Arundel a Supreme Lord Chancellor of America.. He eventually managed to get monetary support from James to support him during the war over Ireland against the O'Neills. He supported the expansion of colonies and made a few new ones along the Ivory Coast. The rest of his reign enforced the monarchy's power and diplomatic influence.


He married Anne of Scotland in 1576 and had five children:

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