Edward VI of England (Blooming Roses)
Edward vi
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'King of England'
Reign 28 January 1547 - 27 November 1590
Predecessor Henry VIII
Successor Alexander I
Spouse Isabella of Cleves

m. November 1555

Issue Jane, Queen of France

Arthur, Prince of Wales
Alexander I
Anne, Queen of Portugal
Eleanor FitzRoy, Countess of Oxford
George, Duke of Richmond
Constance, Holy Roman Empress
Bridget FitzRoy
Penelope FitzRoy, Countess of Bedford
Philippa, Duchess of Anjou
Edmund, Duke of York
Catherine FitzRoy, Countess of Bridgewater
William, Duke of Glocester
Edward, Duke of Clarence
James, Duke of Kent
Temperance FitzRoy, Countess of Berkshire
Sophia, Queen of Scotland
Cecily of England
Catherine, Queen of Poland
Elizabeth, Electress of Saxony
Victoria of England
Matilda of England
Suzanne, Queen of Spain
Henry, Duke of Lancaster
Adelaide, Electress Palatine

House House of Tudor
Father Henry VIII
Mother Jane Seymour
Born 12 October 1537
Hampton Court Palace, England
Died 27 November 1590 (aged 53)
Greenwich Palace, England
Burial Henry VII's Chapel, Westminster Abbey
Religion Anglican

Edward VI (12 October 1537 - 27 November 1590) was the only surviving son of Henry VIII by any of his six wives. Though his father had a bad reputation for the mistreatment of wives, Edward was known as a good husband and a good monarch. His wife was a moderating force on him, edging off much of the characteristic Tudor blood lust as there were very few executions during his reign. Edward was not focused on conquest, he wished to promote Protestantism throughout Europe. During the French Wars of Religion he spent much time at war, while his wife was regent. He negotiated the creation of Brittany and Aquitaine becoming new Protestant nations.