Edward Oxford, going to the Gallows (13th July 1840)

 Edward Oxford (1810-1840)

Oxford was born in Leeds in 1810, the son of a gold chaser. His complexion, like his father's, was darker because of his great grandfather, who came from the slave plantations of Jamaica. Oxford moved to London with his mother when he was about ten and later worked in various public houses as a waiter.

Assassination Attempt

The Queen was riding in her carriage on Constitution Hill with her husband, Prince Albert, on 10 June 1840, when Oxford shot twice at the couple. The first shot hit Prince Albert in the chest, and the second hitting the Queen in the Head. He then stole a horse and escaped.

Trail and Execution

Oxford was declared `public enemy number one` by prime ministerLord Melbourne and was allowed to be shot on sight. Oxford was captured in the city of Cambridge by loyalists (they later explained that they didn't kill Oxford themselves as they wanted him to `feel the iron fist of the law`) and taken to the courts. The courts in Cambridge were requested to take Oxford to London for Trial. In the London crown courts Oxford was accused of`high treason and murder of the sovereign`. Oxford was found guilty and hung on the 12th July 1840, in Trafalgar Square. The reason that Oxford killed the couple has always remained a mystery, but many have speculated that he was a hired assassin hired by King Ernest Augustus I of Hanover so he could take the throne. However, these rumors have never been confirmed.

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