Edward I (the Just)
Henry II of the United States.jpg
Portrait of Edward I (circa 1852)
King of the United States
Reign July 19, 1843 - April 15, 1865
Coronation March 15, 1844
Predecessor Augustus II
Successor Henry II
Spouse Queen Gabrielle
Issue Albert William, Prince of the Northeast
Henry II

Sophie, Duchess of Kentucky

Full name
George Edward Albert William
House Hohenzollern-Amerika
Father Augustus II
Mother Marie Adelaide de la Grange
Born April 9, 1809
Palace of St. Stephen, New York City
Died April 15, 1865
Washington D.C.

Burial April 23, 1865
Royal Cemetery, White Palace

Early life

Born in the prestigious St. Stephan Palace on April 9, 1809, the second oldest child of King Augustus II and Queen Marie Adelaide de la Grange of New Orleans. As a child, Edward was raised in both St. Stephen and Liberty Manor, the summer and seaside residences of his grandfather Augustus I, instead of the ruthless and ambitious court held in White (Central) Palace in D.C. He and his brother never did see eye-to-eye. Queen Marie preferred life with her son while the frivolous Prince Louis Ferdinand enjoyed life in Europe.

In 1822, a scandal broke out throughout the nation when Edward's brother was discovered in Paris spending time at parties, racking up a national debt of about 12 million dollars. The money was spent on parties, clothing, horse racing, and his mistress, Henriette Mercier. To add insult to injury, on the anniversary of his father's reign, Prince Louis announced that he had secretly married his now pregnant mistress.

The next day, King Augustus stood before Congress and removed his first son's claim to the throne, making, then, thirteen year old Edward heir to the throne.

Military Service

Edward's military career began quite early. At the tender age of five, he walked alongside his grandfather, inspecting the naval officers. He grew to love all things navy. When he was 13, Edward was appointed Chief Admiral of his grandfather's fleet, often boasting that it was greater than that of any European monarch. He would not see his first battle until 1825 at the age of sixteen.

Family Life

Forsaking to marry European princesses, Prince Edward chose a bride from with the US. On June 4, 1828, he married Gabrielle Sartre of New Orleans. The new Princess received a lot of controversy coming into the American court. However, she soon fulfilled the wishes of the people and the nation on March 28, 1829 when she gave birth to the future King, Albert William, Prince of the Northeast. Another son Prince Henry (b. 1830), and a daughter, Princess Sophie (b. 1833), followed soon after. The family lived in the newly constructed Hamilton Estate in Rhode Island. However, in 1840 Hamilton Estate was attacked by revolutionaries from the west. Half of the palace was destroyed. One year later, another tragedy happened. Prince Albert died from tuberculosis, making Prince Henry the heir to the throne.

American Civil War


In the spring of 1865, while on parade through the streets of Washington DC, King Edward and his wife were assassinated when a bomb was thrown into their open carriage by a revolutionary from the South. A few weeks later, President Abraham Lincoln was also assassinated by a southern rebel. The country was in disarray at the deaths of both the king and queen and the president, marking 1865 the most disastrous year in history.