Edward II
King Henry V of the United States.jpg
King of the United States
Reign April 17, 1980 - Present
Coronation July 6, 1981
Predecessor Henry IV
Spouse Lucille Beaumont
Full name
Henry Frederick Edward William
House Hohenzollern-Amerika
Father Crown Prince Robert
Mother Abigail Nicholas
Born January 19, 1947
New York City, NY

Edward II (Henry Frederick Edward William; January 19, 1947) is the current reigning monarch of the United States. Expected to become King at a much later date, he found himself being the heir-apparent for Henry IV in 1968 following the assassination of Crown Prince Robert, the king's eldest son and Prince Henry's father.

Early life

Edward was born at 4:22 am, in New York Royal Monor, to crown prince Robert and Abigail Nicholas. He had a fairly happy childhood, his mother would spend much of her time with him and was his private tutor. Edward enjoyed drinking and smoking and would do both on a daily basis from the age of seventeen.

At the age of twenty-one Edward married Lucilie Beaumont, they have had two children with each each other, crown prince Andrew and princess Francine of Alaska

Military Service

Third Pacific War

Medal of Honor


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