Edward II
Edward as Emperor in July of 1936
Emperor of Oceania
Reign 20 January 1936 - 11 December 1936
Predecessor George I
Successor George II
Consort Wallis Warfield
Full name
Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David
House House of Windsor
Father George I
Mother Mary of Teck
Born 23 June 1894
White Lodge, Municipal Borough of Richmond, Surrey, England
Died 28 May 1972
Paris, France
Burial 5 June 1972
Royal Burial Ground, Canberra

Edward II (Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David; 23 June 1894 - 28 May 1972) was the third Emperor of Oceania, reigning briefly in 1936 in a period of heightened tensions between the ruling white minority and the aboriginal peoples of Australia and Malaya, and during a royal crisis in which the Parliament of Oceania and the royal structure stubbornly refused to recognize his spouse, the American Wallis Warfield, who was twice divorced. Resigned to these difficulties, Edward voluntarily ceded the throne to his brother less than a year later and retired first to America and then to France.

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