Edward, Prince of Wales
Prince of Wales
Prince Edward of Wales, 1909
Prince of Wales
Tenure 14th May 1910 - Present
House Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Born 15th April 1899

Dublin Castle, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Father Edward VIII
Mother Queen Mary of Teck

Edward, Prince of Wales (Edward Francis Christian James Albert; born 15th April 1899) is the heir apparent of King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the British Dominions, Emperor of India. As second child and first son of the King and Queen Mary of Teck Edward was invested with the title Prince of Wales, (Duke of Rothesay in Scotland) only a week following his father's coronation and was extended the title by courtesy from the death of his grand-father, Edward VII.

Edward received a rather unorthodox and loving childhood compared to the previous monarch's heir-apparents although his mother found showing affection openly an enduring issue. A child of the world he spent his early years during his father's posting as Viceroy of Ireland in relative obscurity when Queen Victoria, Edward's great-grandmother passed away. The succession of the United Kingdom became focused on Edward who was re-introduced to the public in 1909 through a set of photohraphs showing the growth of the future king with the headline, "Three Edwards". Journalists of the day reveled in the fact that the King, the Prince of Wales (who despite being Albert-Victor had made it known he intended to rule as Edward) and now Prince Edward of Wales all shared a name. While causing confusion for many onlookers Edward was known in private as, 'Alby' in honour of his grand-father who was said to dote upon the child.

Edward was born in Dublin Castle, Ireland and as the great-grandson of the reigning monarch was recognised as a Prince of the United Kingdom and its dominions by special letters patent. Due to the distance of the prince to the capital the then Viceroy of Ireland, Albert-Victor invited the Queen to attend the baptism though this was swiftly quashed and the boisterous matriarch demanded the presence of her grandson and new great-grandson.

Edward was baptised on the 16th June 1899 in the same private chapel in Buckingham Palace in which his father had been baptised. His godparents were King Edward VII (then Prince of Wales, his paternal grandfather), Duke Francis of Teck (his maternal grandfather), Frederick, Crown Prince of Denmark (his paternal great-uncle), Alexandra, Princess of Wales (his paternal grandmother), Princess Victoria of Wales (his paternal aunt). Only Kaiser Wilhelm II (his father's cousin) was not present at the baptism, German Empress-Dowager, Victoria represented the Emperor of Germany with her son Prince Henry of Prussia.

As part of the Anglo-Russian Entente the Prince of Wales was formally betrothed to Anastasia, Grand Duchess of Russia and daughter of Edward VIII's cousin, Tsar Nicholas II.


  • 15th April 1899 - 5th July 1901: His Royal Highness Prince Edward Francis Christian James Albert of Clarence and Avondale
  • 5th July 1901 - 14th May 1910: His Royal Highness Prince Edward Francis Christian James Albert of Wales
  • 14th May 1910 - present: His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales
    • in Scotland: His Royal Highness The Duke of Rothesay

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