Eduardo José Serpa Castro (born September 5, 1930) is a Chilean businessman and industrialist, best known as the majority owner of Chileonas, a metals conglomerate, and as a two-time independent candidate for President of Chile, running unsuccessfully in 1990 and 1998. He is part of the prominent Serpa family, which owned massive mining interests in northern Chile, in particular in the Atacama where their labor practices helped lead to the rise of the Communist sympathizers amongst the Mining Alliance. Serpa fled to the United States with his family post-1964 and returned in 1987 during the second rehabilitation. As the inheritor of his father and uncle's billions and having been active in American mining during his adult career, he self-funded two runs for President as a business-oriented political outsider, failing to gain over 15% of the vote in either run. Aged 81, he remains the CEO and majority owner of Chileonas, one of the largest companies in Chile, and is a noted political supporter of CDN parties, in particular the National Party.

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