Eduardo I
Emperor of Mexico
Reign 3 April 1861 - January 11 1904
Coronation 18 May 1861
Predecessor Agustin II
Successor Agustin III
Spouse Empress Maria Luisa de Silva
Issue Infanta Maria Clementina
Infanta Julia Roderiga
Infanta Maria Catarina
Francisco Hector
Infanta Maria Luisa
Carlos Fernando Agustin
Infanta Maria Elvira
Full name
Eduardo Francisco Jose Luis
House House of Iturbide-Hapsburg
Father Francisco Fernando
Mother Julia Hernandez de Silva
Born 19 March 1843
Palacio Mexicano, Mexico City, Mexico
Died 11 January 1904
Castilla de Puebla, Puebla, Mexico
Burial 17 January 1904

Eduardo Francisco Jose Luis de Iturbide y Hapsburg (March 19, 1843 - January 11, 1904) (German: Edvard Franz Josef Louis von Iturbide und Hapsburg; English: Edward Francis Joseph Louis of Iturbide and Hapsburg) was the third Emperor of Mexico, reigning as Eduardo I, coronated officially in 1861 following the abdication of his uncle Agustin II.

He is typically known as Eduardo the Great (or simply, El Gran) due to his rapid modernization and industrialization of Mexico during his 43-year reign and the expansion of industry and opportunity for the average Mexican during his reign, as well as his decrease in reliance upon the alemanitos, the insulated upper class of descendant Austrian expatriates that had effectively dominated his predecessors and the past fifty years of Mexican politics. He won a successful victory in the 1899-1901 Mexican-Colombian War, expanded Mexico's role in Latin American affairs, brought Mexico closer to their northern neighbor, and expanded the right to vote to all Mexican men regardless of landowning status, affording greater power to the Mexican Parliament once more. He is often regarded as Mexico's greatest Emperor for all of these reasons. He was succeeded by his younger brother, Agustin III of Mexico, as his only four surviving children were daughters (one daughter and two sons died in infancy).

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