Eduardo Miguel Agustin Juan Carlos (August 15, 1920 - October 30, 2008) was the Emperor of Mexico from 1994 until 2008, reigning under the name Eduardo II. He succeeded his father, Carlos I, as Emperor in December of 1994, and reigned as a "modern Emperor" - detached from political affairs, living modestly and embracing the royal family's acceptance of modern technology and mainstream Mexican culture. Unlike his at-times distant and variably popular father, Eduardo II regarded his role as Emperor as that of ambassador between what was derided in the 1990's by the Mexican media as an "archaic institution" and the people, and relished his role as Mexico's face to the world. His 14-year reign ended after a fatal stroke while flying back from a state visit to Argentina, and he was buried on November 1, the Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead. He was succeeded by his son, Carlos II.

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