Edoardo Vertucci
Edoardo Vertucci.jpg
Minister of Security of the Danubian Federation
In office
President Aetios Spiros
Preceded by Günther Knittel
Succeeded by Nicolò Donato
Councillor for Cisalpina
In office
Preceded by Silvestro Marconi
Succeeded by WIP
Deputy in the Cisalpine Chamber of Deputies
In office
Preceded by WIP
Succeeded by WIP
Personal details
Born 4th May, 1842
Milan, Lombardia
Political party Federal Democratic Party
Profession Politician
Religion Roman Catholicism

Edoardo Vertucci is a Federalist Councillor for Cisalpina in the Interactive AAR A Federation of Equals.


Eldest son of the infamous Rodrigo Vertucci, Edoardo is not like his father. He was largely influence by the liberal ideas of his father, but his time in university brought him to take more liberal stances on many issues than his father. At this time he also adopted republican ideals, largely influenced by the ideas of such men as Aurel Sykora, whose strong arguments against monarchies received wide circulation within the liberal newspapers of Cisalpina. Since graduating, Edoardo has been active in Cisalpine politics and a proud member of the Federal Democratic Party. Having been elected as a member of the Chamber of Deputies of Cisalpina in the 1868 election, Edoardo's sudden appointment as Councillor to replace the late Councillor and President of Cisalpina Silvestro Marconi comes as a surprise to him. Nonetheless, he is enthusiastic to be representing Cisalpina on the national level and seeks to see and end to the French occupation of Cisalpina as soon as possible.

Positions Held

1868 - 1869 - Deputy in the Cisalpine Chamber of Deputies

1869 - Present - Councillor for Cisalpina

1871 - Present - Leader of the Federal Democratic Party