Edmond I

Portrait of Edmond I

Emperor of the French

Predecessor Albert I
Successor Sebastien I
Born 2 August, 1897
Died 18 October, 1943
Empress Beatrice
Edmond Louis-Francois Napoleon Bonaparte (August 2, 1897 - October 18, 1943) was the Emperor of France from 1939 to 1943, serving as the Emperor during the bulk of the French Civil War. His reign, under which he reigned as Edmond I, is often categorized as an extension of the era that preceded him, the one dominated by his father, Albert I. Edmond is regarded as a cruel tyrant, a vicious authoritarian during wartime and an incompetent leader whose insistence on meddling with his chief commanders' tactics is cited by historians as a major reason why the better equipped forces of the Emperor were defeated by the undermanned and underfed European Alliance.

Edmond was captured by forces commanded by his brother, Sebastien, during the Fall of Paris in September of 1943 and requested a gentleman's execution instead of a humiliating trial and demonization after his defeat, which Sebastien granted, and Edmond was guillotined at the Place de Napoleon on October 18, 1943.