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As Wormwood is an open collaborative timeline, users are free to help create new additions to the canon or expand existing pages, as well as generally give new ideas to the timeline. However, it is expected that a number of editorial guidelines are followed as to maintain a certain level of article quality as well as the continuity of the canon.


In Wormwood, canonical articles are nations, technologies, people, or any other proposals that have been accepted as full canon and accepted part of the timeline. Despite being an open timeline, pages are not immediately graduated to the canon on their immediate creation, but must first go through the proposal process to determine whether it;

  1. Does not deviate from the series of canonical events set out in the timeline;
  2. Has excellent, or generally above-standard layout, writing, use of supplements, and;
  3. Is plausible within the Wormwood universe.

In order to have a proposal be considered for graduation to the canon, a post must be made in the proposals section of the Wormwood talk page in order for contributors and moderators to review it. Once sufficient edits or additions have been made to the proposed page(s) without any objections, they are free to graduate to the canon.

Category system

In Wormwood, there are several classifications that will apply to pages in the timeline that will affect its categorisation. Any of the following categories must be applied to the pages that fit into them in the following manner; 'category type (Wormwood)'.


☄ This Wormwood page is a Proposal

As this page has not been ratified and is therefore not yet a part of the Wormwood canon. You are welcome to correct errors and/or comment at the Talk Page. If you add this label to an article, please do not forget to make mention of it on the main Wormwood talk page.

When a new page is created it should be kept in mind that it is a proposal and as such must have the {{WormwoodProp}} template placed at the top of the page. It should be noted that placing a link to the timeline on the proposals section of the Wormwood talk page will help ensure that it receives a far awareness from other contributors that will speed up the review process.

Tagging the page as a proposal indicates that the entire group has not yet had a chance to discuss, debate, and possibly recommend changes to it. If you feel your article is ready to be recognized as canon, then say so on talk page. If nobody raises any objections to your page, you can remove the Proposal tag after a certain amount of time. After this your article will officially be considered "graduated" and a part of the Wormwood canon.

Important note: the fact that a page or idea has been accepted/graduated does NOT mean that it is "finished". All of Wormwood's pages are undergoing constant updates and expansion. The graduation process simply means that what has been written, the essential or fundamental elements of the idea, are part of the timeline's canon.


♁ This Wormwood page is under Review

Despite this page being ratified as part of the Wormwood canon, there is debate on whether or not it conflicts with prior canon or is implausible. You are welcome to see the Talk Page for more detail and join the discussion and debate on the main Wormwood talk page.

Occasionally after the point in which a page is elevated to the Wormwood canon, inconsistencies may arise in their content. Whether it is implausibility or a break from the already established chronology, these pages may be placed under review in the main Wormwood talk page to determine if the page(s) are indeed breaking the canon, and (if they are), what corrective measures may be taken to return it to their graduated status. If a page is determined to be under review, the {{WormwoodRev}} template is to be placed at the top of the page, and if it does not receive any edits over the course of two weeks since the template was posted, the page shall be considered obsolete.


☉ This Wormwood page is Obsolete

This page has undergone review and is therefore is not (or no longer is) in the Wormwood canon. Feel free to comment on the Talk Page and adopt this article if you feel necessary changes to content can be made.

After a reviewed page has undergone the two weeks of no edits it will have officially become an obsolete page, with further methods allowing for a vote on the status of page proposals in the main Wormwood talk page (as to prevent articles from being listed as proposals forever. When a page becomes obsolete, the {{WormwoodObs}} template is to be placed at the top of the page, however if revisions wish to be made in the future, all a user needs to do is to remove the template and replace it with the proposals template.


Despite this being an open timeline, please attempt to keep events you write into the universe as plausible as possible (i.e. do not write in magic, aliens, or other supernatural beings). Keep in mind that the Wormwood timeline works similar to our timeline despite the divergence, so things that generally wouldn't occur in OTL (bar the events and butterflies of the POD) will still not occur in TTL. Furthermore, remember that despite the sheer catastrophe of the event, many nations are still held under many limitations that they would find in our chronology. Nevertheless, try to be as creative as possible in your work with the addition of 'unlikely' events being allowed into the timeline, granted they they receive an depth reasoning on why the events occured.

Adopting articles

♐ This Wormwood page is open for Adoption

Having either been abandoned by its owner or placed up for adoption, any users are free to request to adopt this page as their own on the Talk Page. Please remember to respect the established canon.

Due to the nature of this timeline, it would be irresponsible to simply vacate pages and not work any more on their current or past histories, and as a result a system of 'adoption' has been set up to rectify any issues that come with a user abandoning their pages or leaving the wiki. If the user themselves places the {{WormwoodAdopt}} template at the top of a page another user may feel free to post on the pages talk page to adopt it. However, if a user simply leaves the wiki without a single edit in three months, another user is open to request on their talk page adoption of one (or more) of their Wormwood pages, and if they give authorization, or do not reply within a week, the user requesting the adoption will become the caretaker of the page.

Please keep in mind however that all information on the page that is believed to be an essential part of the Wormwood timeline's canon must not be edited without good cause. If a user wants to request a change to a canon, request so (and give a reason) on the page's talk page.


As this is a constantly expanding timeline, all manner of suggestions, requests and questions are open for users to ask. To help grow this timeline, feel free to visit this discussion page and post any queries or proposals about Wormwood you wish to see answered (or put into the timeline) there.

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