These are the guidelines of writing for the Of Clockwork and Men ATL.


The Timeline takes precedence over all articles. Before creating an article, take into account what is going on at the time, what has been invented so far, and how far along the time line is. As of 11 April, 2013, the timeline is still being developed. We are developing basic technologies for the timeline as it progresses. At this time, please do not create any articles past the date of 1900. Rest assured, we will expand in the coming weeks.

As the universe expands and more articles are created, canon issues may arise. In this case, anything that has already become canon has precedence. The older it is, the more importance it has. When an article is created, please put a link to it on the talk page so it can be canonized by CrimsonAssassin (talk) .

New Articles

New articles must:

  • Fit into the Of Clockwork and Men universe without issue
  • Fit into a steampunk setting without issue
  • Be plausible and obey all laws of science/physics
  • Be relatively detailed
  • Follow all conventions in use in this wiki
  • Be grammatically correct and otherwise relatively free of spelling mistakes


Technology in a steampunk universe is, of course, steam powered. That's not to say absolutely everything is steam powered, but it is the mainstream power source and almost everything that can employ steam power will employ steam power. Due to this, circuits and other technologies will not be used in this timeline. Furthermore, there will be absolutely no use of magic in this timeline. Arcanepunk is not acceptable in this timeline and will be removed. As we progress further into the timeline, try to stay at the same technological rates as everyone else. Automatons and the like, while I will accept them, should not be used until the early-mid 20th century.

Declaring a technology the 'pinnacle' of weapons, vehicles, or other technologies will not be allowed.

Note on Arms Races

People may feel the need to one-up other editors. Creating an industry or company and competing with other people's companies is completely acceptable and, to be honest, could lead to some interesting inventions, assuming it's done appropriately. Don't completely outdo your competitor. One-up appropriately and as-needed. If things get out of hand in an arms race, it will be rectified.


At present, no new nations have been created or destroyed after the PoD. The nation pages are simply to classify a nation, provide info on it, and talk about how the Clockwork Age has changed the nation. A copy-pasted article on Great Britain from Wikipedia will not be accepted. However, an article on Great Britain regarding how it's different from it is in OTL and how it's been affected by the Clockwork Age will be. List major companies and industries in the nation page.

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