These are essentially the rules of the ASB timeline. Please obey them if you are a contributor.


Although this is an ASB timeline, please make things at least seemingly plausible. The only fantasy-like thing that can be in this timeline is the Alien Space Bats, or something else if I approve. Thank you.


Once an article is approved by the community, it is noted as canon. All pages that have no major continuity issues are elevated to this status. Canon means that the article in question is an accepted part of the Alien Space Bats lore. It is deemed appropriate, and fits nicely into the Alien Space Bats universe. Once an article is canon, proposals must follow its already established lore, not the other way around. If a proposal does not have any objections then it is graduated.

For further understanding of the idea of canon, proposals, and probability read QSS and QAA. It is also recommended that you familiarize yourself with the timeline so you have an idea for the current canon.



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