Background behind the timeline

This ATL was conceived by Marshall of the Templars on February 24, 2011. However, the concept of the ATL, the Ming Empire not becoming isolationist and conquering much of the known world, dates back when the ATL's creator saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel back in 2003 about the great treasure fleets of Zheng He. The fact that it was larger and far more advanced than all of Europe's navies combined and what could have been achieved had China grabbed the opportunities it had would stay with this ATL's creator for the rest of his life.

The ATL itself was originally an after action report (AAR) of a hotseat game in Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind. After noticing this wiki, the creator's plans changed. From an AAR to an ATL, this provided more freedom as for the author to talk more about the world of the Ming Empire. However, the game that the author based this ATL upon is still in progress. Because of this, the ATL is as of this writing a work in progress.

Proposed Content

Before adding new content to the ATL, please contact the author via his talk page. Please don't just add anything without permission! However, since it is a work in progress (the essential ideas are still being layed out), the author would appreciate it if All Under Heaven and all related pages were not edited by anyone except for himself, unless you find what is a spelling or grammar mistake.


Despite the fact that All Under Heaven is an ATL, it still occurs in our world. So no aliens, supernatural hooplah, elves, the Jade Emperor fighting Quetzalcoatl, or the like. Since events like Poland becoming a Reformed state in the context of this ATL...unlikely but possible things can be allowed, as long as there is a good explanation as for why it happened over a more likely thing or outcome.

ATL Context

Due to the origins of this ATL, would be editors should think about certain events occuring from a Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind perspective. And remember what happened to a certain places as well within the ATL - the Ottoman Empire is conquered by a resugent Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) for instance.


  1. China is always number 1.
  2. Europe, the Middle East, India, Central Asia, Siberia, and Africa that is north of the equator are technically not under Chinese control, so a lot of stuff happened there without Ming intervention (Poland being the best European faction during the 15th century for instance). Everywhere else is under the Mandate of Heaven.
  3. The Roman Empire is backed by the Emperor of China, although they are not allied on paper.
  4. When using a historical character, remember the context of the timeline.
  5. A certain nation not being mentioned does not necessary mean that it does not exist, especially if maps show a blot at the location of that nation.
  6. The technological advancement of nations is the same as in OTL, besides countries where the Chinese have backed up.

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