The A Union Fallen timeline is open to any and all who want to join in. As the admin to the timeline, I welcome all newcomers and ideas they bring. To keep order, I greatly request that you obey the following rules:

  1. Do not edit and/or establish your proposal to any existing page without permission from the admin and/or article caretaker.
  2. Bring any and all new ideas and suggestions up on the talk page if it involves a new article idea.
  3. Do not propose any ideas which have no relevance to the timeline at hand.

The following does not pertain to additions or edits which sole purpose is grammar correction (which is always welcomed). As an additional note, I do not take nicely to rulebreakers. But for those who truly want to work and expand on this timeline and co-operate with others, than I welcome you and hope you all have fun.


Because this wiki involves alternate destinies, simply linking to the desired articles (for example, [[Mexico]]), it could pertain to any alternate history. Because of which, all pages have the name of the timeline in parentheses at the end of the article. Rather than writing out the entire name of the article, you may simply use the following linking to help you out.

{{UF|"article name here"}}

By adding a vertical bar (|) after the page name, you have the ability to alter the wording to the link. You may also replace the "UF" with a "W" to link to a Wikipedia article.

Types of articles

This timeline ustalizes several types of articles which should be understood by those who wish to work here.


Articles that are canon can simply refer to a completed article. Not necessary finished, canon articles mark the standard for all existing and future articles.


Articles can be proposed by users who feel can make their own unique say to the timeline. All proposals are welcomed and encouraged.

Because of the growing complexity and information in the timeline, new content will NOT automatically become canon. New articles will have to be reviewed and harmonized before they can become canonized. Any proposal is to remain a proposal until such time as it has developed to become canon. Until such time, there is to be no mentioning of these proposed pages on any already canon pages.

It is to be noted that any proposed article will require the following template to be placed on the top of the page, and that any proposed articles are to be brought up on the talk page.

{{Proposal|timeline=A Union Fallen}}


Articles that are stubbed refer to those which are canon, but lack vital work to make it complete. Pretty much this refers to articles which require more work to be done. Stubbed articles may be open to new users to expand upon with the creator's permission. Anyone interested should bring up any new ideas to the article talk page.

It is to be noted that all stubbed articles will require the following template to be placed on the bottom of the page.

{{Stub|A Union Fallen }}