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Rapid development of weaponry in WW2 increases to an exponential level slowing down to normal level about 1944. But by this time highly advanced proton weaponry is used on the battlefield, space colonies (both Nazi and Allied) are made on Mars and Venus. Huge space battles take place in our solar system and massive armies of battle droids are built to supplement the human forces. Advancement of weaponry causes the war to extend beyond Hitler's death so that Adolf Hitler II continues the war until the year 1999. British forces, the dominant war-machine, shell the seat of power into dust and the Allies win. By this time British space probes made contact with alien life that was soon to make a landing on planet Earth. These aliens have now been found to be aggressors to the Great and Bountiful Human Empire. The aliens are known as Thignars. They are siding with the Nazi Empire who have been genetically modified beyond Human recognition.

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