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The economy of South America, undisputably the largest and most prosperous economy after the events of Doomsday. This proves to be a vital contributor to the South American Confederation's political, military, and economic influence in the world as BrazilThe UAR, Venezuela, Colombia, and Chile are within the top 10 largest economies in the world. Their estimated GDP in dollars is $7 trillion.

Largest Economies in South America by GDP

  1. Brazil (1st in the world)
  2. The United American Republic (3rd in the world)
  3. Venezuela (4th in the world)
  4. Colombia (5th in the world)
  5. Chile (7th in the world)
  6. Peru
  7. Bolivia
  8. Ecuador
  9. Paraguay
  10. Guyana Cooperative


  • Peso Americano - PAM ([1])
  • Bolivar - (BS$)
  • Brazilian real - (R$)
  • Colombian peso - ($, COL$)


Before the events of Doomsday, history had not been kind to South America. Insurgents, poverty, dictatorships, and corruption all hindered the economic growth the continent could have.

The First Few Months

The lack of importance South America had in the Cold War proved to be their greatest chance of survival; as no nuclear strikes have been launched on the continent. However, the collapse of international trade forced the continent to start producing their own goods. Food was not an issue, as Brazil and Argentina could feed their populations, and later on all of South America, which prevented riots and fighting for food and prevented the continent's slide into chaos and anarchy

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