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Economic situation by continent

North America

North America contains Canada, the USA, and Mexico, all of which are major world players. North America is quite well-off economics-wise, as none of its nations are extremely corrupt nor extremely poor.

South America

Years of dictatorships and corruption have greatly hindered South America's potential growth for a while. However, it has seen stunted economic growth in the past years. Brazil is now a world power, and both Argentina and Venezuela are regional powers.


Europe is also doing very well economically as well. Like North America, poverty is rather low as well as corruption. Europe has numerous high-ranking countries in categories such as GDP, HDI, and standard of living. Overall, things have been going well for Europe.


One word to describe what Asia's doing economically is excelling. The continent contains numerous powerful economic leaders including Russia, Japan, China, Mongolia, Korea, India, and more. The lack of communism in specific is what has lead to the great economic growth; in OTL there have been numerous corrupt communist dictatorships within the continent (ex. North Korea, Mao's China, and Stalin's USSR). The Middle East, though, is more or less sub-par economics-wise. Even without communism, numerous corrupt leaders have risen, hindering their economic growth; and the insurgency of terrorism isn't helping either.


Economics-wise, history has not been kind to the African continent at all. Dictatorships, poverty, and the climate have all contributed to Africa's lack of growth as a continent overall. The only country on the entire continent to be in the top 20 GDP-wise is Ethiopia, Africa's most powerful economy in this timeline.


Oceania has very few countries, and these countries are all economic leaders. Australia and New Zealand are both powerful countries economically, and Hawaii has both a high HDI and standard of living. However, the isolation of the countries in Oceania's countries poses as a bit of a problem.


20 largest economies by GDP

Number Flag Nation
1 Russianrepublic Russia
2 Flag of Japan Japan
3 Flag of the United States United States
4 Flag of Brazil Brazil
5 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
6 Flag of South Korea Korea
7 Flag of the Republic of China China
8 Flag of Germany Germany
9 Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia
10 Flag of India India
11 Flag of Mongolia (1911-1921) Mongolia
12 Flag of Australia Australia
13 Flag of Italy Italy
14 Flag of Canada Canada
15 Flag of Spain Spain
16 Flag of Mexico Mexico
17 Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo
18 Flag of Indonesia Indonesia
19 Tuva Tuva
20 Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands

Top 20 countries by standard of living

Number Flag Nation
1 Flag of Norway Norway
2 Flag of Iceland Iceland
3 Flag of South Korea Korea
4 Flag of Sweden Sweden
5 Flag of Canada Canada
6 Flag of Tibet Tibet
7 Danzig Danzig
8 Flag of Denmark Denmark
9 Flag of Australia Australia
10 Flag of Japan Japan
11 Flag of New Zealand New Zealand
12 Russianrepublic Russia
13 Flag of Mongolia (1911-1921) Mongolia
14 Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo
15 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
16 Flag of Germany Germany
17 Hawaii Hawaii
18 Flag of the United States United States
19 Saar Saar
20 Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia

Top 20 countries by HDI

Number Flag Nation
1 Flag of Norway Norway
2 Flag of Australia Australia
3 Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
4 Flag of the United States United States
5 Flag of South Korea Korea
6 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
7 Flag of New Zealand New Zealand
8 Flag of North Ossetia Ossetia
9 Flag of Sweden Sweden
10 Flag of Singapore Singapore
11 Flag of Canada Canada
12 Flag of Denmark Denmark
13 Flag of Iceland Iceland
14 Flag of Germany Germany
15 Flag of Japan Japan
16 Flag of Israel Israel
17 Hawaii Hawaii
18 Danzig Danzig
19 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
20 Flag of Manchukuo Manchukuo

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