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This is a list of Economic based Alternative histories. Feel free to add your own.

1884: Rise of AmCap
American capitalism, unfettered. Hamilton's National Bank is declared unconstitutional, the Civil War does not happen, Mexico and Canada are U.S. territories and America becomes a constitutional, corporate, confederate republic.
1983: Saskatoon Blues NHL
The St. Louis Blues relocate to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for the 1983-84 season of the National Hockey League. As a result, the landscape of the NHL and hockey are changed forever, Saskatoon is transformed into a major city, and many people that didn't a get a proper chance to in OTL get to leave their lasting mark. The (eventually ten) Canadian NHL teams remain successful as the early 1990s Canadian recession has no major effect on the future of the teams.
Cambridge Computing
Computing visionary Alan Turing and iconoclastic philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein establish an interdisciplinary program in Mind, Machine and Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. By the year 2000 robots with human-like intelligence are common.
Don't mess with things you don't understand
With the continuing poor distribution of Cardcaptors, the English dub of Cardcaptor Sakura due to Warner and Disney, we wait for admittance from the offending parties. But what if the whistle was blown, and at a early stage? This althistory can start between 2001-2002 (Where CC started airing in the UK with 65 episodes) and it should involve the scandal being uncovered (Use your imagination in terms of who and what blows the whistle), and what happens to the parties involved (Warner and Disney as well as the presumed victims, CLAMP, Madhouse, Kodansha, and Nelvana), plus what happens to the whole anime industry (There may be further investigations into poor distribution and there could be effects on trading between Japan and the USA) (This is a "economic" althistory and so political implications should not be the focal point).
Industrial Revolution, 350 BC
Democrats who in OTL had created a steam engine in the Greek Colony of Massilia (Marseilles), manages to bring the technology back to Athens and a new technological revolution ensues.
Michael Jackson convicted
Despite a bitter deliberation, the jury votes to convict Michael Jackson of child molestation in 2003.
No Cigarette Advertising Ban in America
No Keynes
The ideas of John Maynard Keynes never reach a wide audience, leading to subtle, then increasingly dramatic, repercussions.
Paul Really Is Dead
In 1966, Beatles bassist Paul McCartney dies. His death, the events leading up to it, and the cover-up and secret replacement are basically the same as in the main version of the OTL "Paul Is Dead" theory. Paul's death is revealed in 1969, ultimately because of a track his replacement had managed to insert into Abbey Road.
Peak Oil 1996
In 1956, Marion King Hubbert predicted that the peak of global oil production would occur shortly after the start of the 21st century. Unforeseen at that time was the tremendous economic growth in Asia. Thus, the oil peak occurred in 1996. More than ten years later, civilization is in danger of becoming but a memory, as people now agree that Peak Oil was more momentous than the Black Death, Black Thursday or the World Wars in human history, and much more devastating.

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