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Ecological United States is what if Green Party lead into rise unintentionally by Ralph Nader getting more votes from George W. Bush than Al Gore. And after that cause Third Parties almost into new norm within American political culture and appearing every presidental elections than once of while ever since.


Green Party got into unintentional rise in 2000 by several republicans voters in Oregon, Washington, South Carolina, West Virgina and Rhode Island thinking they thought trolling Al Gore by making people seemly voting Ralph Nader around 4.5 percent in popular vote put forgeting same time cause George W. Bush lose presidency. And still growing (with same few of several republicans abandoning party and joining ether Green Party and Democratic Party for good after Republican establishment was being exposed as majority corrupted) after they got more polling until 2008 when Green Party they got there first President and officially replace Republicans (as temporary (and only first) Third Party opposition in United States) until its demise in 2012) and eventally Democrats in 2012 (With Libertarians and Constutionalists* (as since in 2015) in more extant, Reformists* (until 2015 with replaced by Constitution Party) and Democratic Socialists of America in lesser extant). (* - been replaced status as large third party to small third party)

Create mass technologically breakthoughs (and even advanced biotechnologies (Cripsr was officially recorded as discovered in 2000 and early testing on (embyos) animal/(adult) humans in 2009 (2014)) and prototype stage of synthic biology) within several years and without tech corporations help despite have anti-science bias/policies and War of Terror still happens cause by right wing political scientists as denial of involvement help other western countries in help against Islamic terrorism.

And also trigger rise of Cascadian nationalism in Washington and Northern counties of Oregon due overlap beliefs with American Green Party and incorporated few from Republican Party's "Eco-Conservativism" since state's almost Cancadian's National-Greens used be Republicans; led creation of Cancadian National-Green Party (who got 120,000 members as early 2015) an Left-wing nationalistic green political party that officially replace Washington's Republican party since between 2007 or 2009. And eventally civil war within Washington and some counties in North Oregon regions later on.

Principal Content (Work in Progress)

  • Timeline - The general timeline of this ATL, providing the background and the timeline from 2000 up to the present day"
  • World Country Profiles - Profiles of described nations, territories and other self-governing bodies (Work in Progress)
  • United World Nations - The principal multilateral organization of this ATL (Work in Progress)
  • Historical Articles - Collection of Historical Articles (Work in Progress)
  • Military Knowledge Database - Everything covering military technologies, ships, national armies, etc. also military history!! (Work in Progress)
  • Science & Technology - Section covering technological progress, developments and difficulties (Work in Progress)
  • Geopolitics - Geopolitical background, Alliances, Corporations, Rivalries (Work in Progress)
  • Economics - Background regarding economical topics (Work in Progress)
  • Non-governmental organizations - A list of NGOs within Green Party control America.
  • Religion - Page covering the faiths and religions in Green Party controled America.
  • Wars - Historical conflicts and current conflicts creating before or after Green Party controled America. (Work in Progress)