The Eastern Trade Co. is an organization created by several states after the dissolution of the Eastern Mediterranean Trade Company. The goals of the company are the increase of eastern wealth and power, and the exploration and exploitation of vulnerable areas near to the eastern sphere.



  • The Roman Empire
  • The Principality of Rumania - Now Romania
  • The Empire of the Tartary
  • The Nation of Alexandria - Now Egypt


  • Georgia
  • Croatia


  • A board of managers will decide company matters.
    • The board will consist of members and an elected consul. 
  • The consul will be elected, by a simple majority, every 5 years and will receive an vote in addition to the countries representative.
  • Founders retain the right to veto any movement, however a 75% over-ride vote will beat a veto.
  • Founders reserve the right to dissolve the venture at any time through a vote of the founders. 
  • Trade profits are to be split evenly between members.

Regarding Capital 

  • Capital will be supplied to the company and used to purchase boats, mercenaries, and supplies for expeditions. These resources will be administered and managed by the company.  
  • Nations will split capital costs for ventures equally. Nations will have approximately one year to reply to a finalized idea of whether or not they can contribute the capital required. If they cannot (for any reason) or decide not to contribute their share will follow one of the two following procedures.
    • One: Their share will be sold off in equal portions to all participating nations. 
    • Two: Their share will be sold off to one nation/company pending ETC approval through vote. 
  • Inactive members can be removed through a vote (See Inactive Members Clause under Regarding Applications). 

Regarding Applications and Membership

  • A nation or company must wait 10 years after a failed application to apply again. 
  • Other trading companies may apply to be partners. Their partnership will be discussed upon application and they will be able to contribute to ventures when a nation is wishing to sell their share in the venture (see Option two under Capital Cost Clause).
  • Inactive members can be voted to be removed from the company and forced to sell their holdings by company vote.
  • Applicants must be unanimously accepted into the company. 
  • New Members must wait five full years after acceptance to receive voting privileges. 


Archive 1


Romanian Motion 1: Removing Hungary from ETC - The Motion Passes


Founders Only



Hungary has lost its ports and has been internally focused in the past several decades. This has weakend its trade power and hurt ETC profits in the Adriatic. Therefore I propose the ETC removes Hungary and extends an Invitation to Croatia. Stephanus rex (talk) 02:53, August 1, 2014 (UTC)

Romanian Motion 2: Adding Georgia to ETC -


Open to all within requirements



Georgia has been an ally to Rome and Romania for some time, they have access to the interior of the Middle East and this could prove profitable.Stephanus rex (talk) 17:06, August 1, 2014 (UTC)

Romanian Motion 2: Adding Croatia to ETC -


Open to all within requirements



Croatia could serve the role Hungary used to play in the Adriatic markets.

Colonial Expansions

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