Eastern Siberia
— State of United States of America
Timeline: Pauvre Monde
Flag of Altai Republic Coat of Arms of Altai Krai
Flag Coat of Arms
Eastern Siberia (Pauvre Monde)
Location of Eastern Siberia
Capital Yelizovo
Largest city Yelizovo
  others Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Population 322,079 
Established July 1, 2007
Currency US Dollar
Abbreviations ES

Eastern Siberia is an US state located across the Bering Strait from the US state of Alaska, and is boredered by Siberia to the west and the Empire of Japan to the south. The capital and largest city of of Eastern Siberia is Yelizovo and the population from the an 2012 estimate is 322,079. Establish on July 1, 2007, Eastern Siberia would be the last state to enter the Union, and became an major trading hub between the US, Japan, China, and Siberia.

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