Eastern Roman Empire
Timeline: War of Leagues
OTL equivalent: Orthodox League
.  BC 753 - Present
[[File:  |100px |alt=|Coat of arms of Eastern Roman Empire (War of Leagues)]]
Basileus Kai Demos Rhomaion (BKDR)
The New Rome, our fatherland
[[File:  |250px |center |alt=|Location of Eastern Roman Empire (War of Leagues)]]
(and largest city)
Other cities Thessaloniki, Adrianopolis
Official languages Koine Greek
Regional Languages  
Demonym Eastern Romans/Byzantines
League Orthodox League
Government Constitutional Imperial Monarchy
 -  Emperor  
Legislature Senate
 -  Partition of Roman Empire 395 AD 
 -  Cyril brothers persuades Slavs to be Orthodox 886 AD 
 -  Consolidation of the League 1054 AD 
 -  Total   km2 
Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character "�". sq mi 
 -   2013 estimate   
Currency Hyperpyron

This is a presiding state (dominus) of Orthodox League. The state can change Ecumenical Patriarch whenever and whoever they want. All Orthodox League members signed to follow that as well as Empire's puppet Patriarch.


Before Cyril brothers, Empire was in constant warfare with Slavs. However after Cyril brothers, Empire had strong nations of Slavs as its allies. Slavs helped Empire to stay independent from the Pope and Western Roman Empire and stopped Muslims to conquer whole of Southern-Eastern Europe, where Empire was located.


Autocratic government;  Emperor is encharged of everything.  He has private council members and public Senate but, Senate is a stamping house of approval.


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