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Eastern Republic of Uruguay (Parallel Brazil)

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Republica Oriental del Uruguay (Spanish)
Eastern republic of Uruguay
Timeline: Parallel Brazil
Preceded by 1826 - 1857 Succeeded by
Flag of the Provincia Cisplatina Brasilban

Flag of Uruguay

Flag of Uruguay Coat of arms of Uruguay
Flag of Uruguay Coat of Arms of Uruguay
Uruguay UNOCHA
Location of Uruguay

"Libertad o Muerte" (Spanish)
("Freedom or Death")

Anthem: "Himno Nacional de Uruguay

National Anthem of Uruguay"

Capital: Montevideo
  other languages: Brazilian Portuguese (officially unrecognized)
Type of government: Unitarian Presidential Constitutional Republic
  Legislature: General Assembly
Area: 176,215 km2 km²
Population: 141,000 (1857) 
Currency: Uruguayan Peso

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