Eastern Front
Part of World War II
Date October 1, 1938 –
Place Europe east of Germany: Central, Eastern and Northern Europe; in later stages Southern Europe (Balkans), Germany and Austria
Result 1938–40: Stalemate

1940–42: Initial Axis success; followed by stalemate

  • Axis invasion of the Soviet Union
  • Soviet invasion of Estonia; Germany marches into Latvia and Lithuania
  • Tactical and operational Axis victories until the failed German siege of Moscow in the final stage of Barbarossa
  • Soviet Union loses enormous quantity of materials and men.
  • The summer offensive of 1941 results in a strategic Axis failure; the Battle of Stalingrad being the turning point of the war on the Eastern Front

1942–: Decisive Allied victory, end of World War II in Europe (concurrently with the Western Front), destruction of Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany Germany
Kingdom of Hungary (1920–1946) Hungary
Kingdom of Italy Italy
Template:Country data Romania Romania
Bulgaria Bulgaria

Co-beliggerent states:
Flag of Poland Poland
Estonia Estonia
Latvia Latvia
Lithuania Lithuania

Soviet Union Soviet Union
Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
Tuvan People's Republic Tuvan People's Republic

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