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Eastern European Front (WWII) (Reign of Roosevelt)

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Eastern European Front (WWII) (Reign of Roosevelt)
Eastern Front (World War II)
Timeline: Reign of Roosevelt

EASTERN THEATRE RORLeft to Right: Siege of Alexeigrad, March on Yekatinburg, Russian soldiers during the Battle of Moscow

date: 1937 - 1943
location: Eastern Europe and the Eurasian Power

Flag of German Reich (1935–1945)Germany
Flag of Hungary (1867-1918) Hungary
Flag of Finland Finland

Flag of Russia (1991-1993) Russia


Flag of German Reich (1935–1945)
Flag of Hungary (1867-1918)
Flag of Finland

Flag of Russia (1991-1993)

The Eastern European Theatre was the second-longest and bloodiest front of World War II. It started in 1937 with the Finnish invasion of Russia. After Russia became involved in the larger war, Germany invaded as well, followed by its ally, Hungary.

World War II

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