Istočnoeuropski Konfederacija

Východní Evropské Konfederace

Ida-Euroopa Konföderatsiooni

აღმოსავლეთ ევროპის კონფედერაციის

Kelet-Európai Szövetsége

Austrumeiropas Konfederācija

Rytų Europos Konfederacija

Europejska Konfederacja Wschodniej

Confederația Europeană de Est

Eastern European Confederation

EECFlag1 Coat of arms of the Soviet Union 1923–1936
Anthem Worker's Party Anthem 
Capital(s) Warsaw, Polish PR (until 1995); Budapest, Hungarian PR (1995-1996); Minsk, Byelorussian PR (1996-present)
Official language none (de facto)
Government Single-party socialist confederacy
Head of state Chairman ALEX STEPANOVICH
Currency EEC Rubles

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