The end of the Cold War and the fall of communism, Eastern Europe/ the Balkans became known as the "Land of the many" which spoke the truth for today there are at least 22 nations, most centered around the Kingdom of Italy, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, and the CIS.


The division of eastern Europe and the Balkans Started with the Treaty of London, which divided Austria-Hungary among Italy, Montenegro, and the Kingdom of Serbia. While also setting up divisions not only controlled by the said nations, but by the winning factions of World War I. During the Second World War, Soviet forces launched Operation Cross-Road, a combined operation against the Allies which involved cooperating with Italian forces attacking the Balkans as well. The region would remain under Italian and Soviet control until the Battle of Dresden, where German soldiers and people alike for a year had been trapped in the city and forced to live with the hardships and the Soviets had almost occupied the city when German reserves surrounded the forces themselves, changing the Soviets from the predators to the prey. In 1944 the city was liberated and Soviet forces fell back to the Warsaw line. In late 1944, German forces counter-attacked and by Early-mid 1945, Budapest was liberated, the Italians crushed and forced to surrender, and the Soviets broke and forced to fight on until finally in 1946 Allied forces Leningrad and the Treaty of Moscow put an end to the devastating war. The war had devastated Europe with Eastern Europe suffering the worst, only the U.S. announcement of the Marshall plan saved the area from total devastation. The end of the Cold War did not give any promises, Yugoslavia entered a Civil war, with the the Controlled districts (The Districts established after WWI remained in place, with the only change being Italy's districts being handed over to the victors of WWII) revolting. The people where tired of the districts, for it only lead to war and devastation for them and they also wanted an independent nation in which the world powers could not get in to there affairs. The U.N. failed to control the demonstrations and where forced to give what the people wanted and soon 22 new nations raised from the ashes of controlled districts.

Eastern Europe/Balkans Today

Galizien Donaumonarchie

What Austria-Hungary became today.

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