Eastern Crete was created after the fall of Nazi Germany. Because Crete was a large Axis member when the Axis fell, it was taken by communist Russia and converted to Communism. During the Cold War, out of fear for itself over its communist neighbors, the Grand Duchy of Tuscany invaded Crete and divided it into an Eastern and Western Crete. Later on, in the 1980s, War broke out between Eastern and Western Crete. This war was known as the Cretan War. At the end of this war, the U.S was able to drive the communist Eastern Cretes out of Western Crete and Eastern Crete became a North Korea-like situation. America once again invaded Eastern Crete with the aid of the EU in 1994, and rid Eastern Crete of Communism. Eastern Crete is now a very shaky Democracy. It receives a lot of support from the Republic of Lacedonia.