Provisional Government of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
Provisional Government
Flag of Ukraine.svg
2014–2015 Flag of Ukrainian SSR.svg
Flag of Ukrainian SSR.svg Coat of arms of Ukrainian SSR.png
Flag Emblem
"Workers of the world, unite!"
National Anthem of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
East Ukraine.png
Capital Donetsk
Official language Ukrainian
Religion State-Promoted Atheism
Government Single-party, Marxist–Leninist, Socialist Republic
Head of StateAlexander Zakharchenko
Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme SovietAndrei Purgin
 - Government formed April 14, 2014
 - Victory in Donetsk July 28, 2014
 - Accord in Belarus September 4, 2014
 - Resumption of Hostilities December 28th, 2014
 - Surrender of Lyiv March 28th, 2014
 - Formation of Ukrainian SSR September 30, 2015

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