Empire of Japan
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OTL equivalent: East of Japan
JapanShogunateFlag Tokugawa family crest
Flag Seal
Location of East Japan

天皇を守ると将軍家! (Japanese)
("Protect the Emperor and Shogun!")

Anthem "Kimigayo"
Capital Kyoto (Home of the Emperor)

Edo (Home of the Shogun and government)

Largest city Edo
Language Japanese
Religion Shintoism
Demonym Japanese
Government Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy (With hereditary head of government)
  legislature Edo Assembly
Emperor of Japan Akihito
  Imperial House: Yamato
Shogun Tokugawa Yoshitomo
Established Boshin War end - 1869

Emperor renounce of power - 1870 Annexation of Korea - 1920
West Japan and Korea independence proclamation - 1980

Currency Imperial Yen
Organizations United Nations
The Empire of Japan is a long standing nation, that recently had a civil war, which provoked the independence of West Japan and Korea.