The Kingdom of East Germany has been around since the Cold War (communist during Cold War). On September 11, 2001, a devastating earthquake hit Wolfenstein Castle, obliterating it (it slid down a landslide and collapsed (it was also hit by Al-Qaeda (via Kamikaze) the day before, but it is surprisingly more durable than the Twin Towers, but it was weakened. The Royal Family of East Germany had to move to Albrechtsburg Castle. On August 16, 2003, Albrechtsburg started decaying rapidly. The final castle was Neuschwanstein. On 1/31/2019, the great religious purge happened, and East Germany converted to COE. It has now set up a trade route with Poland-Lithuania-Austria-Hungary.
East Germany
Timeline: Shattered Religion

OTL equivalent: Unified Germany
Merchant Flag of Germany (1946-1949) Austria Bundesadler 2
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Kingdom of Germany

Freunde, Familie, Vaterland. (German)Motto
Freunde, Familie, Vaterland. (German)
("Friends, family, fatherland")

Anthem "Gott erhalte Deustchland"
Capital Berlin
Largest city Berlin
  others English, Arabic, etc.
Children of Eventuality
  others Cult of Dyjicism, Jacendo
Ethnic Groups
  others Poles, Arabs, etc.
Demonym Germans
Government Weimar Dynasty
  legislature Royal Family
King Kaiser Hermann
  Schloss Wolfenstein (Formerly, Destroyed by Earthquake), Schloss Albrechtsburg (Formerly, Deteriorating), Schloss Neuschwanstein (Currently): Castle
137,903 (All of Germany) mi²
  water (%) 137,903 (All of Germany)
Population 8.474 million 
Established 1949
Independence from Allied-occupied Germany
  declared October 7, 1949
  recognized October 7, 1949
Currency Euro
Time Zone Central European
  summer 27 March-30 October 2016
Organizations Any German Organization

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