Socialist Republic of East England
Timeline: Imperial M4

OTL equivalent: East England
Socialistrepublic britainflag СССР проект 8
Flag Coat of Arms
East England map
Map Before English Reunification

Our Diversity and Identity (English)

Anthem "We are Known From Towns!"
Capital East London
Largest city Norwich
Other cities Oxford, Nothingham, Leeds
  others Norwegian
Religion Christianity
Ethnic Groups
English, Whites, Irish, Welsh
  others Spanish
Demonym East English
Government Marxist-Leninist One Party
  legislature Armed Powers of East England
Head of State Lisa Elizabeth
  Commander: Margaret Thacther
Established 1949
Independence from Soviet-Finnish Occupation
  declared 1950
  recognized 1950
Annexation to England
  date 1990
Currency Pound
Calling Code +0
Internet TLD .en,
Organizations Warsaw Pact
East England known as English Socialist Republic was East State with Connection via Soviet-Finnish Bloc or Warsaw Pact during Cold War period from 1949-1990  it administered and splited into Reorganized Regions of England by Occupied Soviet-Finnish Forces  at the end of second world war, The Soviet  Occupation of Postdam agreement bounded by East Region of East England, Fourtunately the East England Owns National Socialist Party and Builds London Wall, by end the London Wall Destroyed and Final Settlement Treaty was signed on October 07, 1990 and ESR Dissolved and England Reunifies on 08 October, 1990.


Construction of London Walls

At Begining London was Divided into East and west London, The London Government
Warsaw Wall Construction

London Wall Complete

Builds Border as English West and East Government Knows and Complete Construction of London Wall, The London Wall Opened and Thousands of New Laws Signed Until 1990. The London Wall Composed with Borders and Prevent Immigrants Out of Country the Government Implemented the Laws.


When People Shouted and Jumped the Bridge Opened in 1990 of October 03 and People Continues Rise against Communism And Major Agreement Treaty signed, The England Sign for Elections and London Wall Destroyed into Historical.

Governments & Politics

East England has Government since WWII And Major one of Partlists, The East English Government Communist Court And East English Law Implemented Signed.
Marlborough House London - - 1092497

English Communist Party Hall

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