East Asian Trade and Security Pact
PITO flag.png
Map showing the Member states of the EATSP by color.
HeadquartersTokyo - peacetime

Seoul - wartime

Largest city Tokyo
Official languages Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Hindi, Thai
Demonym EATSP
Type Military and Economic Alliance
 -  West Pacific Charter signed 26 June 1943 

The EATSP was an organization founded by Japan in 1939 to unite the East Asian nations under a single alliance and promote equality and unity in the face of European colonialism, as well as bring together the economies of the entire region.


Full Members (Dark Green)

  • Kingdom of Siam
  • Empire of Japan
  • Republic of Korea
  • Empire of Manchuria
  • Republic of India

Junior Members (Light Green)

  • Kingdom of Indochina
  • Republic of Indonesia
  • Kingdom of Malaysia
  • State of Burma

Observer Members (Yellow)

  • Republic of Northern China
  • Nanjing Regime

Threat Boards


Threat Level Alpha

  • China
  • Soviet Union (due to the mobilization along our border the USSR is now an immediate threat)

Threat Level Bravo

  • British Empire
  • Netherlands (should they attempt to retake Indonesia)
  • Pakistan

Threat Level Charlie

  • United States

Threat Level Delta

  • Turkey

Threat Level Echo

Threat Level Foxtrot

Countries needing liberization

  • Persia

War Room

Chinese Campaign

  • Korea: Korea suggests that we stop advancing too far, as to stop from overextending ourselves.
  • Siam: Prime Minister Plaek Phibunsongkhram agrees to stop advancing in China, as China is too large and contains the world's largest population, and makes occupying it all at once almost impossible and a extremely tough challenge.
  • Korea: Also, who are our enemies? I need them to fill in the map.
  • Japan: The need to break China is an absolute must, though we agree that the need to stop the advance is urgent we must break down China and ensure that a peace is finally siged so that anti-guerrilla operations can begin. Also China is our only enemy at the moment, but we need to keep an eye on the Soviet Union, the British Empire and Germany.
  • Japan: the war in China is over. Now our efforts in China should be on dealing with future insurgencies. I have annexed the cities i said i would and i gave Manchuria an imporatant role in the post war. Now each of you make your claims out of the spoils. ill be making china into a series of puppets now under the economic control of the Zaibatsu powerhouses.
  • Siam: Siam claims Sanya only, that's all.

Next Movements

  • Where should we move our attention to after the war, and in the coming cold war what role shall we play?
  • We must shift our threat boards to the Soviet Union and the United States. The USSR in particular, since we border them.
  • True but we think it is necessary to begin thinking about the future European decolonization. We should try and bring as many Asian nations as we can into the alliance to avoid them falling into either American or Soviet spheres and to help maintain stability in the region.
  • Yup.
  • Japan: the cold war begins now, as will the inevitable decolonization which we need to take advantage of.

Soviet Mobilization

  • Japan: the Soviet Union has become an imminent threat now and we need a contigency plan.
  • India: As the stronger powers in the East have territories under their command, it could be used to trade time. India cannot be attacked as ironically we have Pakistan protecting our borders. Manchuria and the Chinese Republic cn be used to bear the brunt of the initial attack. Then, as Indian troops get armed, we will ship them to the front line. We will also need to get blueprints of the most advanced tanks - otherwise our infantry will be destroyed.
  • Division of the Enemy (Avare)
    We propose, that the end result of the war be this. Everybody gains something.
  • Japan: should we even go to war with the Russians which we hope doesn't happen the post war earning for Japan will be much more with at least the Kamchatka Peninsula and a large piece of the Russian Far East.
  • Um -- to who ever made the map, Indonesia is a member of the alliance - a very important one at that - since they are the alliance's oil supplier
  • India: Okay. Well, the map is only if we are forced into a war with them. Otherwise, I would like to use proxies instead.

War on the horizon

You all ready for what is to come. Japan.



  • Japan suggests the headquarters be in the City of Taihoku, or in Osaka since either city is far from risk of attack and generally well protected by the Imperial Navy.
  • Korea suggests that the headquarters be in Korea, since Japan is vulnerable to bombing raids from both the Soviets and Americans, while the Korean peninsula is well insulated from attack.
  • Japanese compromise: main headquarters be in Japan in peace times but in times of war moved to Korea
  • Can we agree on the compromise I offered? In peace time the HQ will be in Tokyo, while in war time it will be in Seoul or in Bangkok. Fair enough?
  • Korea: Korea agrees to the proposal.


  • Japan suggests that the leadership be made up of one high ranking general or admiral from each full member and that the council include five generals from each of the full members and three from junior members.
  • Shall we go with this idea for the leadership question?
  • And heads of state + country.
  • Fair Enough. Admiral Chuichi Nagumo will be the leader of the Japanese Delegation for now.
  • The President of the First Republic of Korea, Kim Il-Sung shall be the leader of the Korean delegation.
  • Cabinet Minister Kalaya Tositrakul, she will be leader of the Siam/Thailand delegation.

Nuclear Weapons

  • Japan proposes that all nuclear weapons made be placed under joint control of the whole E.A.T.S.P and that a vote be made in case of the need to use nukes so that no country with in the organization takes matters into their own hand.
  • Korea suggests that that not be the case.
  • Japan would like to know why not? yes it would make the usage more complicated but it would ultimately prove much safer and impose a more egalitarianism situation in the alliance so that no one nation has authority over te weapons.
  • Because... well... do you see OTL France handing over their nukes to NATO?
  • we can discuss this once nukes have been built.

New Flag

  • A new flag should be used based on asian culture and not on western ones.
  • The flag is actually just temporary. Also, it's not really "western", since the compass (what the flag is based off of) was created in China.
  • Fair enough.
  • PITO flag
    I have a flag which I used in the Pacific and Indian Ocean Treaty Organization in the TL Nationalist China. It is based on "Asian colours". What dya think?
  • i like it
  • I like it as well - Pita
  • The flag it is then.


  • Will I be able to retain control of the few areas I plan on annexing out of China while the rest of occupied China is turned into a series of puppet states?
  • Truthfully, I don't think Japan can annex really any of China, but you should be able to turn it into a puppet state, which, IMO, is actually better.
  • I only really want Shanghai and a few other coastal cities as military bases and economic areas.
  • All right, I suppose that is reasonable.


Requests to join the EATSP.

  • Korea agrees to the Indian request to join the EATSP.
  • Prime Minister Lursakdi Sampatisiri of Siam also agrees to the Indian offer of joining the East Asian Trade and Security Pact.w
  • Emperor Hirohito and Prime Minister Yamamato welcome India to the Alliance.
  • India is glad that is it accepted into the EATSP. It asks its fellow nations to help it industrialise and build up an armed forces by helping the country create its own jet fighter, monetarily aiding it and supporting its mobilization against Pakistan.



  • Korea:
    • M-1 Raptor (OTL M4 Sherman)
  • Japan:
    • Type 42 Tortoise Tank (no equivilant OTL, Heavy Tank)
    • Tatsu Light Tank (no OTL equivalant)
    • Type 55 Armored Personal Carriers (OTL Kangaroo APC)


  • Korea:
    • F-17 Eagle (OTL Grumman F6F Hellcat)
    • F-2 Mustang (OTL P-51 Mustang)
    • B-9 Fighting Falcon (OTL Junkers Ju 87)
  • Japan:
    • A6M Zero (OTL Mitsubishi A6M Zero)
    • Kawasaki Ki-32 Light Bomber (OTL Kawasaki Ki-32)
    • Mitsubishi Ki-21 Heavy Bomber (OTL Mitsubishi Ki-21)
    • Zero 22 (jet fighter no OTL equivilent)


  • Korea:
    • Goryeo-class aircraft carrier (OTL Yorktown-class aircraft carrier)
  • Japan:
    • Yamato-class battleship (OTL Yamato-class battleship)
    • Shōkaku-class aircraft carrier (OTL Shōkaku-class aircraft carrier)


  • Japan:
    • D-3 Plutonium implosion bomb (OTL Mark-III implosion bomb)
    • Hydrogen bomb

Small Arms

  • Japan:
    • Arisawa 50; assault rifle (OTL FN FAL)
    • Tatsu 52 ; machine gun (based on the Arisawa 50)



  • Japan:
    • Radar
    • Computers
    • Biological program


  • Japan:
    • Rockets
    • Jets



  • radar (sonar)


  • Japan:
    • Civil Tech in progress


  • Japan:
    • active space program

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