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동아시아 정상회의
Sidang Kemuncak Asia Timur
கிழக்காசிய உச்சிமாநாடு
पूर्व एशिया शिखर
Hội nghị cấp cao Đông Á
Konferensi Tingkat Tinggi Asia Timur
East Asian Summit
Flag of the East Asian Summit (NotLAH).png
HeadquartersSado, Japan
Official languages Japanese
Type Forum
Full Membership Flag of JapanJapan
 -  Secretary General TBD
Observer Status Members

The East Asia Summit (EAS) is a geopolitical and economic organisation/forum held annually by leaders in the East Asian region. It was established by Japan in 2005, and the first summit is expected to begin by the end of 2005.


  • Japan--Kogasa Miko THPW2 Flag of Europe 2013 August 11, 23:04 (CET)
  • Greater Vietnamese Republic-To be acted by Tykur (talk) 02:07, August 12, 2013 (UTC)
  • Malaysia -To be acted by Mscoree
  • Brunei-To be acted by Mscoree
  • Burma-To be acted by Darwin is God
  • Goa- To be acted by G greg e
  • New Hindu Republic-To be acted by G greg e
  • Mumbai-To be acted by G greg e
  • Mongolia-To be acted by Edboy452. 21:03, August 11, 2013 (UTC)
  • Singapore-To be acted by G greg e
  • Macau-To be acted by G greg e
  • Hong Kong-To be acted by G greg e
  • Tibet-To be acted by Mscoree

The Summit


Japan: Prime Minister Sanae Takaichi welcomes all to the first meeting of the East Asia Summit. In the first meeting, we will discuss about the black markets and how to solve the issue to prevent anything illegal weapons (which includes weaponised strains of the Zombie infection) from being sold and to catch any who smuggles such illegal weapons.

Korea:We suggest increasing border secruity in order to prevent smuggling of illegal weapons and z-virus strains. We also suggest to target the black market of major cities/dangerous cities. There are several questions of how are we going to counter illegal smuggling and bio terrorism. Does each nation carry out raids on its own soil or does the EAS cooperate in taking out black markets in each member country? Also do we concern ourselves with East Asia or international matters?

Japan: Prime Minister Sanae Takaichi agrees in increasing border security to prevent smuggling of illegal weapons and z-virus strains, and targeting the black markets of major cities/dangerous cities. She also agrees that EAS members cooperate in taking out black markets in each member country, but will wait on what the others say. The EAS will cover not only East Asia, but also South and South East Asia as well.

Oceania: We wish to increase border security as well as increased powers for law enforcement to crack down on black markets. We also request that scientists be sent to Canberra to decrease the amount of time that it will take to finally create a cure for this disease. 

Greater Vietnamese Republic : We would like nothing more than to keep the virus from getting into the wrong hands and we think its best to have ships on the waters to crack down on smuggling. We have already started to put up more patrols on our borders already. We will continue to up the patrols if need be. We will stay as we have been with Wu since the treaty, but that's only if he starts listening to the treaty. But if he disobeys we would like the support of east Asia on our side.

Japan: Prime Minister Sanae Takaichi agrees with Oceania and Vietnam. She also mentions that if Wu/Republic of China breaks the treaty again, she suggests trying to resolve any disputes through here. She hopes that everyone here can find a peaceful solution for any conflicts and disputes.

Greater Vietnamese Republic: We agree with you Japan, we would like nothing more then to keep the peace and stop any new wars from happening.

China: We say that we have not broken any treaties and we ask the support of all nations in East Asia.

Greater Vietnamese Republic: You broke the treaty of Bangkok by hiding ships in coves secretly in WWIII. you hid your whole fleet in coves along the shore and used them when you switched sides. Which broke the treaty on the amount of ships you can have. You can only have 15 submarines and 25 surface fleet. So if you have anymore then that you're breaking the treaty.


Japan: Prime Minister Sanae Takaichi welcomes all to the second meeting of the East Asia Summit. In this meeting, we shall talk about anything that's going on in South, South East, and East Asia, and encourages all to bring up any issues so that we can find a peaceful solution to solve it.

GVR: We would like to know what Prime Minister Sanae Takaichi means by "anything that's going on in South, South East, and East Asia", We think that there is not much to talk about other than the largest city in the world that is going to be on Hainan. The city will take up the whole island and shall hold as much as 170,000,000 people in case of another zombie apocalypse.

RoC: We believe that such a condensed city will make a zombie or virus outbreak happen more easily.

GVR but if it does and it hits the island then it shall not spread farther.

Korea: We strongly oppose the idea of a megacity in Hainan holding 170 million people. The Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area has about 32 million people (not the city proper, which has about 13 million people and the island of Hainan has 8 million people without a major city. If we constructed a megacity over the island it would ruin the lives of millions and cost billions of dollars. It is an impossible project with too many political, economical, and moral issues. This is why we strongly oppose the project.

GVR: we don't care



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