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The East Asian Federation is a Federation that was formed on August 16, 2011, to promote peace, trade and prosperity. This included Korea, Japan, Imperial China, Jiangsu, the PRC, and Taiwan. It was created as a rival to the South African Federation, and to improve the economies of the Asian nations after Doomsday. The Confederation’s original founders were Korea, Japan and Taiwan. It was officially signed by all six nations, and is currently open for more applicants.


The EAF will have the power to give official trade sanctions to nations within the Federation, and to deny trade with nations outside the Federation to nations within. It will also have an army, created as such of the UN Peacekeepers in OTL, to suppress any major conflicts between members of the EAF.

Benefits to Nations

The EAF allows free trade between nations, is moving toward one currency, and financial/military support. However, it does NOT call for the taking away of the sovereignty of the nations in the EAF. It also has a central court, namely the EACJ, the East Asian Court of Justice. All major crimes are brought up there, and there is an EACJ in every nation in the EAF. Also, the EAIA, the East Asian International Assembly, is the “Congress” of the organization, where representatives from the six nations decide on the way the Federation should go.

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