대동아 공영권
ग्रेटर पूर्व क्षेत्र एशिया सह समृद्धि

ಗ್ರೇಟರ್ ಪೂರ್ವ ಏಷಿಯಾ ಸಹ ಸಮೃದ್ಧಿ ಗೋಲದ

அதிக கிழக்கு ஆசியா கூட்டுறவு கோளம்
Esfera de Coprosperidade da Grande Ásia Oriental
Esfera de Coprosperidad de la Gran Asia Oriental

East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

Timeline: 1941: Success

Flag of East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere (1941 Success)
Flag of EAPS
East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere Location (1941 Success)
East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere in Purple
(and largest city)
Kobe, Shanghai, & Trujillo
Language Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Portuguese, Spanish
President of the Council Keiko Fujimori
President of the Commission Lim Su-kyung

The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (大東亜共栄圏 Dai-tō-a Kyōeiken) is an organisation led by Japan. Since its creation, it went through a few reforms and eventually by 1950 it turned into a legitimate alliance, though Japan still keeps the member nations in check.


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