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Tiananmen Square protests

The famous "Goddess of Freedom" in Beijing during the Tiananmen Uprising.

The East Asian Cataclysm is the general term used to refer to the Revolutions that erupted against the communist governments in East Asia and Southeast Asia.

The most violent uprising happened in China, which had been experiencing student-led popular demonstrations in Beijing. On June 4, 1989, the government sent the army in to quell the rebellions, but it only added more wood to the fire. Once soldiers began firing on the peaceful protesters, a mob of students began attacking the troops, some even taking up arms and returning fire to the soldiers. The CCP soon realized that this had escalated into full-scale revolution. After the events in Tiananmen Square, many regions of China began declaring independence such as Manchuria, Uyghuristan and Tibet. The situation for the CCP when revolution began in China proper, pro-republican forces taking major cities such as Shanghai and Nanking. The war lasted for two years, until a combined force of Manchu, Mongolian, Uyghur and pro-republican forces entered into Beijing. Once the troops stormed Zhongnanhai, most of the CCP killed themselves to avoid arrest. Republic of China President Lee Teng-hui entered into Beijing with cheers from crowds across the country, celebrating the fall of the "Red Blizzard". On November 11, 1991, delegates from Manchuria, Mongolia, Uyghuristan and Tibet met in Beijing to sign the Beijing Accords. This officially dissolved the People's Republic of China and recognized the independence of Manchuria, Uyghuristan and Tibet. It also recognized Mongolia's claim to Inner Mongolia.

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